Anssems Trailers
Anssems Trailers B.V. produces trailers since 1977. Mr. J.J.M. Anssems in the small village of Hulten in Brabant, The Netherlands, founded the company. Here all sorts of very solid, quality trailers are produced. This is also the reason that Anssems has the reputation of being the producer of "the unbreakable trailer". Initially the trailers were only sold in The Netherlands, but soon requests started pouring in from abroad. In 1992, due to its steady growth, the company moved to a spacious and modern factory in Rijen, where Anssems Trailers B.V. is still located.

Now centred at a new purpose build factory on the outskirts of Southam, Warwickshire, AL-KO Kober Limited manufactures and assembles running gear, chassis and conversions for a wide variety of uses - caravans, light trailers, motorhomes, ambulances, plant and utility vehicles, minibuses, air compressors and trailer equipment. Automotive and Factored equipment completes the range and allows us to supply our customer base via a "one stop" type approach.As a worldwide organisation, we also supply a wide range of caravan accessories, including stabilisers, spare wheel carriers and safety devices to name but a few.

Bradley was formed in the late nineteen forties to develop a range of trailer couplings. With a unique patented Doublelock head design and reputation for high quality and reliability, Bradley quickly rose to become market leader in Britain.

Red Rose Land Rover Club
Red Rose Land Rover Club was formed in 1982 as a means of group therapy for a group of people suffering from the unfortunate, but common, disease of LandRoveritus, a condition which has no known cure but which can be brought under control by the purchase and use of certain products from a factory in Solihull. This initial "cure", however is followed by serious wealth reduction due to the large number of "Extras" which these Solihull Products require, and the considerable drinking problem which often comes as an integral part of the use of these products. Monthly Club meetings were arranged so that like minded people could meet together and share the highs and lows of Land Rover Ownership. We are pleased to say that these monthly get-togethers still continue at St. Chads on the first Tuesday evening of every month where all are welcome, whether you are just considering the first steps of ownership, are already addicted, or have a serious case of LandRoveritus (sad to say, but we have some members who are considered to be beyond help, so they are simply encouraged by words such as "Yes, of course you should buy it - it looks like a bargain to me!).
The Red Rose Land Rover Club is a member of the Association of Land Rover Clubs, a national organisation promoting all things Land Rover, and all our off road trials events are held under their rules. This association also allows us to hold permits for caravan rallies on non registered sites, such as at Martins farm or in Johns "back" garden.

Micro Plant
Small Plant Hire and Sales Specialists,Daily to weekly hire rates available,Long term hire,New and quality used machines for sale,Delivered to your site.

Buckley Brothers
Buckley Brothers Land Rover Spares is a family run business that has a loyal customer base, which has developed over several years through word of mouth and primarily advertising in specialist and trade magazines.

North West Air Ambulance
The North West Air Ambulance (NWAA) is a unique regional medical air emergency service covering Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside and Cumbria.

Established in 1999, the NWAA is a registered charity receiving no mainstream funding, yet it offers a vital service seven days a week, 365 days a year across 5,500 square miles serving a residential population of seven million.

Costing just over £1.3 million a year to maintain, the NWAA covers all major motorway incidents, and areas that have poor and restricted road access. On average the NWAA is called out four times a day, rising up to ten in the summer. Whilst the incidents vary greatly, there are two over-riding factors for the NWAA’s presence – either because time is extremely crucial or where road access is limited.

Meredith And Eyre
Meredith and Eyre are a UK based company specialising in the manufacture and design of car trailers, trailer axles, plant trailers, couplings, platform trailers, chassis, tipper, goods, flatbed and plant trailers.

Attention to detail, anticipation of changing market requirements, and a helpful and responsive attitude towards customers, are among the many positive attributes which distinguish the company as benchmark designers and manufacturers.

Formed in 1921 by Basil Dixon-Bate & originally based in Chester, U.K. Manufactured general engineering products and Trailers.

From 1950 onwards established enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of Quality Towing Equipment, Towing Brackets, Floor Cranes and Caravan Products. Customers included many Vehicle Manufacturers, Public Utilities, Military vehicle manufacturers and caravan users.

One of the world's leading suppliers of towbars, Westfalia has many years experience into the research and development of load carrying and towing solutions..