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About Us

Hello and welcome to the Leyland Leisure Sales website, please feel free to have a look around, we hope the following pages will give you a glimpse into the products and services we provide.

Leyland Leisure Sales Trailer Centre are a family run company that have been around for over 35 years. As a company we range from importing, manufacturing, trailer servicing, to supplying and fitting tow bars all at a high quality.

Are expertise ranges to many things involving all aspects of the trailer industry, we hope this website will answer any questions that you may have and for any questions that cannot be answered all our contact details can be found and we will be happy to answer any further enquiries via email or phone, or in person at our show room and workshops.

Leyland Leisure has been at the top of the industry for over 35 years and this has brought is invaluable knowledge. At this time we are raising the levels of standards in the industry by being a member of the NTTA (National Trailer and Towing Association) and reached the level of QSA which is quality secured accredited.

Please feel free to ask us anything at all, We are here to help, even if you can't find what you are looking for our aim is to sort our any towing problem you may have.