The possibilities offered by box trailers are endless. Whether you’re a band in need of hauling your instruments on a long tour, or a pop-up salesman hoping to take your wares to different spots, the extra space offered by a larger trailer can be extremely handy. That’s why we offer a great choice of box trailers right here at Leyland Leisure Sales for our customers to rent or hire. There are several reasons why it’s worth considering investing in a box trailer, no matter what your reasons for looking into one may be.

Here are five reasons why a box trailer may be just the extra

feature you need when you’re out on the road:


As mentioned above, box trailers are excellent at fulfilling a range of functions, whether you are looking to use them in a personal capacity or as an integral part of your business. For example, you could use a box trailer when moving to a new house to carry your belongings safely between your old home and your new one.


If you have any specific needs that a general box trailer wouldn’t be able to fulfil, box trailers can often be built and fully customised to your individual requirements. We have recently been commissioned by Bolton Council to create a box trailer that served as a mobile youth centre, and by West Lancs Scouts to create an exhibition trailer. The number of ways you can use your box trailer is only limited to your imagination and budget.


If you’re less concerned about having a bespoke box trailer, there are many fantastic ready-made box trailers out there. The body work of box trailers is often made from reinforced fibreglass. This gives them external strength, fantastic aerodynamics and helps to keep their weight when unloaded to a bare minimum – all you need when you’re stored.


One of the great benefits of a box trailer is how they can be set up to have a power supply. Just as the trailer can be hooked up to have reversing lights, this power supply can also be used to add extra features to your box trailer such as computers, TVs and games consoles. You could even put in more specialised equipment like a hob if you intend to use your trailer as a pop-up food shop!


Often you do not need to buy a box trailer to make use of them with tons of companies offering trailers for hire. If you’re concerned about the potential bill from getting into an accident,

don’t be - full insurance is almost always offered.


Here at Leyland Leisure Sales, we have an excellent range of box trailers available to purchase or hire for domestic or commercial use. If you would like to learn more about our box trailers, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We’d be delighted to help find the perfect trailer for your needs.