Any trailer owner should consider keeping some spare trailer parts to hand. This can be invaluable when you’ve owned your trailer for a while and it is in need of some upkeep, or if it is damaged in an accident while you’re out on the road. Luckily, there is a huge selection of spare towing and trailer parts available to help you out in an emergency. There are, of course, towing and trailer parts to suit almost every situation imaginable. For that reason it can be difficult to know where to start! Here are just five of the types of trailer parts we would recommend owning the most so you can be prepared for whatever your travels throw at you.



Mud guards are an undervalued part of any trailer. While your trailers’ wheels and tyres can be prone to getting splashed when the trailer is travelling across difficult terrain – a relatively minor problem - you may be surprised to learn that it is against the law not to cover your wheels. Owning a good plastic mud guard will help to protect the appearance of your trailer. These are available in various sizes to fit your trailer’s wheels such as 8 inches, 10 inches and 13-14 inches.


Having a puncture in your tyre or a broken wheel can quickly leave you and your trailer stranded if you’re not adequately prepared. For this reason, owning spare wheels and spare tyres is one of the most essential trailer parts to keep to hand. A 400 x 8 wheel and tyre combination is one of the most versatile purchases you could make, as this size is common for many European flat pack style trailers.


Of course, you might have your spare wheel ready but you also need the right wrench to install it properly! An extendable wheel wrench is often a versatile solution, as these come complete with reversible drive sockets of different sizes, and can be extended for extra leverage when tightening or loosening your wheel.


Like mud guards, lighting boards area legally necessary element of your trailer to keep it roadworthy and visible to drivers. Lighting boards such as this 4’ 6” model are often available with a core cable for powering the lights, a rear fog lamp and mounting holes.


Finally, make sure not to forget about the security of your trailer! Owning a security cable will make sure that your trailer will remain safe and secure while it’s parked. Sterling’s security cables are available in 12mm and 15mm thickness and can resist even hacksaws.


Here at Leyland Leisure Sales we stock a comprehensive range of trailer parts capable of fixing whatever is wrong with your trailer. If there are any particular trailer parts you would like, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to provide it for you, or offer you a suitable alternative.