It’s almost time for the October half-term holiday, that last chance for a quick vacation before the demands of winter arrive. After all, once Christmas time starts nearing, people are more naturally inclined to stay cosy inside with their family than to go on an adventure. That’s why here at Leyland Leisure Sales we’re determined for our customers to get one last jaunt out of 2017! Netherlands-based trailer manufacturer Anssems are one of our most trusted suppliers and one of the best marks of quality trailers on the market, no matter what type of equipment you’re trying to carry.

Just in time for the half-term break, we’ve recently received a large delivery

of NEW Anssems trailers, as you can see below!

Whether it’s taking your campervan and motorhome for a leisurely week on a camp site or hope to go for an adventurous trip with your bikes and kayaks, there’s a lot that these trailers can do for you. Here are a few of the Ansemms trailers we would like to highlight:


The smallest of the Anssems range, the GT-500-151 is a great little trailer which is light enough to be towed behind cars. Weighing only 110kg yet capable of holding up to 500kg, this trailer is ideal for being towed behind even the smallest of cars, making it excellent at getting you to your camping site safely.


The GT-500-151-HT is the middle sized trailer of the range. Combining the sturdy construction and components of Anssems’ larger trailers with the convenience of its smaller trailers, this trailer is easy to manoeuvre around by car or by hand.

One of our favourite HT models to sell is one with a locking hard top lid – allowing you to keep all of your belongings safe while you’re on the road – and four bike racks. If you’re the outdoors type and love camping or cycling, this is the ultimate trailer for you. What’s more, our store is within easy reach of Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales so you’ll be able to take it out for a spin in no time at all.


If you’re lucky enough to own a vehicle that you’d like to take on your week long holiday, like a motorboat perhaps, it’s worth taking a look at Anssems’ multitransporter. This trailer is capable of holding up to 3000kg, making it ideal for escorting your motorboat down to the wide open water for a run-out.

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These are just a few of the Ansemms trailers we have here at Leyland Leisure Sales; we have an enormous range of trailers available for sale or hire, and you still have time to sort one before the half-term break!

If you’re interested in enjoying your half-term with style, why not get in touch with us here today? Our team will work to set you up with your trailer quickly so you can get away and enjoy your last getaway before the winter months arrive.