Having access to a campsite means that a holiday is always just a drive away. However, sometimes travelling can be an ordeal. Luckily, with the right camping equipment, transporting yourselves and your luggage to and from your campsite has never been easier. Lightweight camping trailers are the perfect solution to your travelling woes, allowing you to pack everything neatly away to carry safely to your destination.

With a camping trailer, you have lots of flexibility when it comes to packing especially for those who don’t have much room in the car. And of course, small trailers are not only for camping but are also helpful for domestic tasks such as transporting large loads to the tip or when moving to a new house.

There a wide variety of different small trailers available for you on the market for purchase,
so we’ll run through some of the options for you so that you can get out travelling in no time!

Box Trailers:

These small trailers come in a variety of sizes and can be customised in a multitude of ways to suit your individual needs. They can even be set up to have their own power supply which can be used to add extra features to your box such as TVs, computers, games consoles and even more specialised equipment such as a hob for cooking.

A d-beilt trailer:

This vintage style of trailer is the perfect addition to the owner of a vintage camper van. Full of personality, this trailer is light enough to be towed by any car model no matter the size of its engine. These stylish trailers can be painted in any colour to suit the preference of the driver.


Hard top camping trailers with bike racks:

This trailer is the ideal kind for sports enthusiasts who are travelling with their bikes. The load bars and bike racks are easily removable and when removed, the top of the camping trailer can be used instead for carrying other items such as surf boards and kayaks.

Motorbike trailer:

Motorbike trailers are built to hold motorbikes of a certain size and weight, so you should contact the seller before purchase to ensure that they have the right size trailer for carrying your vehicle. And then all a motorbike trailer needs is its own licence plate before its ready to use!

ATV Quad and Motorbike trailer:

This trailer is specifically designed to overcome the issues drivers have had when trying to transport motorbikes and ATX quad bikes. The trailer is also designed with a low-profile bed for loading bikes onto easily and is built to carry either two motorbikes or one full-size quad bike.

Who to contact?

Here at Leyland Leisure Sales, we are a family run company that has been operating for over 35 years. Our team are experts in all aspects of the trailer industry and are happy to answer any of your queries to help find the right product for you. All of our small camping trailers also come with the VOSA IVA test certificate for use throughout the UK and Europe. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today about any of our Small Trailers for Sale on our site.