There are many reasons as to why a person may need to use a trailer through their lifetime – whether for business or personal reasons – they are a handy piece of equipment to have to hand even if you don’t work in an industry such as construction or agriculture. However, you don’t always need to invest in a trailer of your own to reap the benefits of having one to hand, as an increasing amount of trailer manufacturers and suppliers are now offering hire services on a temporary basis.

As a trailer supplier who offer trailer hire services in the Chorley area and surrounding, we thought we’d give you a list of pros and cons regarding hiring over purchasing when it comes to your trailer requirements. This way, you can make a decision based on your individual usage of the trailer and avoid forking out for a sale if you only need the trailer for a short space of time.

Pros of Hiring a Trailer:


Naturally, one of the biggest perks of hiring a trailer over purchasing is that you’ll save a lot of money. Trailers are an investment, so using a trailer hire service as and when may prove less costly – unless you are hiring so frequently that it ends up costing more. Be sure to keep a note of your receipts from trailer hire and compare to the cost of buying your own. You can even opt for a second-hand trailer model if you don’t want to purchase brand new.


If you only need the trailer for odd jobs now and then, having one taking up space on the driveway, in the garage or at the front of your home is going to be cumbersome – and may even annoy your neighbours. By renting a trailer, you can be content in the knowledge that the space it’s currently inhabiting will be freed up soon enough – and so will your neighbours!


With most reputable trailer suppliers offering their trailers for hire with full insurance for the duration, you can be sure that – whatever happens during the transportation of your cargo – everything will run smoothly.

Cons of Hiring a Trailer:


If you’re hiring a trailer on a number of occasions, it might get the point where it’s annoying that you have to keep re-hiring and getting it transported from a supplier. You may even find with some companies – Leyland Leisure Sales not included – that the particular model of trailer that you require is currently unavailable as another business or person currently has it on lease.


To sort out hiring a trailer from us – whether it’s a general-purpose trailer, or a box van trailer – we have a range of models that can be suited to your individual requirements.

Our trailer hire starts from as little as £30 per day with a deposit of £150, meaning that our services are accessible to all – whether you’re a big company or a family looking for a camping trailer for their next holiday.