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Cheval Librete Horse Box Trailer

Cheval Librete Horse Box Trailer
Cheval Librete Horse Box Trailer
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Brand new to the UK market this very luxurious horse box trailer comes with so many features as standard where they would be optional extras from every other manufacturer. It also has many unique features too. Most important of all these features is the coil spring and hydraulic dampers giving car like suspension, each wheel works completely independently giving great stability and is so quiet even on the most uneven road roads. The chassis and lower body work is made almost entirely out of anodised aluminium and comes with an aerodynamic, reinforced fibreglass front and roof cap, shaped for maximum head room for the horse whilst retaining great MPG. The chassis features a stepped draw bar allowing for a reduced deck height which in turn dramatically reduces the loading angle of the ramps, both front and rear. The rear ramp is dual function, easily turned into a barn door for multi purpose use. There are two sliding windows fitted to the front corners of the trailer with additional wind deflectors, the rear opening above the ramp tail gate has a mesh roller blind for ventilation and to keep the temperature down in the sun. Available in a range of colours to make your trailer unique.

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