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Dixon Bate

Brand: Dixon Bate
3.5T Universal Coupling, The Dixon-Bate Universal Classic, is a fantastic product that combines a separate, fixed 50mm ball and 25mm dia pin in one coupling. The lanyard / cable is made from stainless steel cable sheathed in nylon. Rated at 3,500 kg it has a D Value of 17 kN This is the product that..
Brand: Dixon Bate
The Dixon-Bate "Alko" Universal is compatible with the Alko and other coupling stabilisers and offers a combination of a separate 50mm ball and 25mm dia pin in one coupling. This one of the only if not the only ball and pin combination coupling that is compatable with that al-ko stabalizer. This is ..
Brand: Dixon Bate
This is the spare pin for the Dixon-bate universal coupling 3500kg.This is the pin that fits the DB202014...
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