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Hubs & Drums

This is a pack of 5 replacement wheel studs. The Thread is 3/8 UNF which has been used on a high number of the 4'PCD braked and un-braked hubs. This pack also comes with a split pin for when you replace the hub once you have replaced the studs...
750 kg Un-braked hub with sealed for life bearings, to suit Ifor Williams P6 and other un-braked trailers. These hubs are a direct replacement hub for the whole Ifor Williams un-braked range of trailers and also will fit most trailers using a Knott un-braked axle. the hubs are studded 4 X M12 on 100..
The Most Common Unbraked Cast Hub With 750Kg Axle Capacity, 4 x 3/8" Stud Pattern With 101.6mm PCD. Supplied With Taper Roller Bearings, Dust Cap, Wheel Studs And Nuts. 1" taper hub assembly. Cast body with grease nipple...Bearings fitted are: Outer 44643, Inner 4464 L. Stub axle...
500 g tub of waterproof aqua grease. this grease has many uses but is particularly useful for greasing the wheel bearings of a boat trailer. As they are vulnerable from constant submerging in water when launching and recovering your boat. ..
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