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Hubs & Drums

This is a pack of 5 replacement wheel studs. The Thread is 3/8 UNF which has been used on a high number of the 4'PCD braked and un-braked hubs. This pack also comes with a split pin for when you replace the hub once you have replaced the studs...
750 kg Un-braked hub with sealed for life bearings, to suit Ifor Williams P6 and other un-braked trailers. These hubs are a direct replacement hub for the whole Ifor Williams un-braked range of trailers and also will fit most trailers using a Knott un-braked axle. the hubs are studded 4 X M12 on 100..
This is a 500g tub of grease that is used for trailer bearings.This is a water resistant grease that helps the life of bearings. This type of grease is mainly used on boat trailers to increase the life of the bearings. (Due to the nature of a boat trailers being put in water normal grease can rapidl..
The Most Common Unbraked Cast Hub With 750Kg Axle Capacity, 4 x 3/8" Stud Pattern With 101.6mm PCD. Supplied With Taper Roller Bearings, Dust Cap, Wheel Studs And Nuts. 1" taper hub assembly. Cast body with grease nipple...Bearings fitted are: Outer 44643, Inner 4464 L. Stub axle...
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