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Wheels & Tyres

Brand: Anssems
Brand new 13 inch alloy wheel upgrade for your trailer, either to buy out right or as an optional extra fitted to your Motorbike trailer or Anssems GT500 or GT750 camping trailer.These alloy wheels are a direct replacement for the standard steel wheels fitted to the Anssems GT trailer range or our o..
This is a 145/80R13 Wheel and Tyre on 100mm PCD 4 stud on m12 which is used on high number of trailers.This wheel is used on the Anssems GT range...
This is a wheel and Tyre 400x8 4 stud on 4' pcd to fit 3/8unf stud size. With a 4 ply tyre fitting to the rim...
This is a complete wheel and tyre. This tyre is a 4ply 400x8, the wheel is a 4 stud with a PCD of 115mm with no offset this is a common size on a lot of European flat pack style trailers.(ERDE, DAXARA, MAYPOLE, WILSTOW)..
This is a complete 500x10 wheel and tyre on4 stud on4 inch PCD.This is a four ply tyre which has a load capability of 355kg per tyre...
This is a complete wheel and tyre 500x10 4 stud 5 1/2 PCD 8ply tyre capability of 500kg per tyre...
This is a secondry coupling for all Unbraked Trailers. All unbraked trailer as of 1998 when built from new have to have a secondry coulpling so if the main coupling came detatched. The secondry coupling would keep the trailer attached to the towing vehicle and also help is the steering of the traile..
Easy to fit, prevents unlawful coupling of your trailer/caravan. Maximum Security lock and 3 laser cut security keys supplied. Fits ALKO AK7, 160, 180, 300 hitches, ALBE , KNOTT and other pressed steel hitches..
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