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Fit2go Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Fit2go Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Fit2go Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
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Fit2Go TPMS System We are delighted to offer The Fit2Go Tyre pressure monitoring system. The System is full of unique features and is the simplest product of its type on the market.

Not only does it monitor the tyre pressure, it also monitors the tyre's temperature too. So in the event of a loss of pressure or a build up of heat in the tyres you will get an instant warning. If you’ve ever suffered a puncture or blowout on your caravan or trailer, you’ll appreciate how devastating this can be. Whether on a commercial trailer or leisure vehicle it can incredibly damaging and costly.

This can be avoided by fitting the Fit2Go kit which constantly monitors the pressure in each of your tyres and giving early warning of a loss in pressure.

The Fit2Go kit comprises of: Solar Powered Receiver / Display 4 Tyre Pressure Sensors 4x (anti-theft) locking nuts Easy Fit Spanner The Tyre Pressure Sensors are fitted by simply removing the valve dust caps, screwing on the ant-theft nut followed by the sensor, locking the sensor in place with the included spanner. The Solar Powered Receiver / display simply attaches to the inside of your windscreen in place of the old tax disc holder.

There are no batteries or cables and untidy wiring and its all fitted in a matter of a few minutes giving you instant peace of mind to travel in safety. In the case of a loss in tyre pressure the relevant icon on the receiver will flash on and off combined with a bleeping alarm to alert the driver of any problems.

Once the alarm sounds and the icon flashes, find a safe place to stop, inspect all four wheels, there will be a flashing light on the tyre pressure sensor on the tyre which has lost pressure. You can now take action before too much pressure is lost resulting in a blowout.

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