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Replacement Trailer Axles

The axle on your trailer is one of the few mechanical parts on the trailer, especially with a braked trailer axle. The majority of trailers on the road today use rubber torsion suspension systems sometimes known as Indespension Units. This means the trailer’s suspension is built into the main body of the axle. Common problems with trailer axles usually relate to the suspension part of the axle, caused by an overload or accident damage, both giving similar symptoms resulting in the wheels running out of line. The other areas that can be prone to damage on trailer axles are the hubs, bearings and braking system. If neglected these areas can cause damage beyond economical repair and a new axle is the only solution.

With many years experience in the trailer industry, we at Leyland Leisure can help, working closely with all the major trailer axle Original Equipment manufacturers in the UK and Europe we can help identify a suitable replacement axle to suit your trailer.

Our axles can be made to measure so we can supply axles to suit all major trailer manufacturers, Indespension, PRG, Graham Edwards, Motiv, Brenderup, West Mersea, Brian James, Ifor Williams etc.

If you have a trailer in need of a new axle or axles, then please use this simple form below or alternatively please call us to discuss your needs, we know identifying the correct trailer axle can be a mine field so in order to make the process easier for you we’ve developed a simple axle enquiry form.

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