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Brand: Dixon Bate
This is the spare pin for the Dixon-bate universal coupling 3500kg.This is the pin that fits the DB202014...
KFG27 Knott Coupling
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Brand: Knott
This is a Knott KFG27 coupling. This is a delta style coupling made up with a cast body with a Avonride cast locking head.This has a working range between 1400kg to 2700kg. This is the same coupling that is fitted to a ifor Williams trailers and a lot of other top manufacturers...
Brand: Bradley
E40TC Ballpin & Wire (Replacement Ball and Pin) Designed for ease of operation and featuring a "no-jam" locking mechanism.The safety clip is simple to engage and disengage, and perhaps more important, is clearly visible. The best product for use on a rear towstep as the combined pin and ball can..
Brand: Bradley
This is a spare pin for the Bradley-doublelock E40TC without the ball.3500kg gross..
Brand: Bradley
This is a Genuine Bradley double lock damper that fits Bradley coupling HU3HE/2600s...
Brand: Knott
This is a Knott the heavy duty unbraked coupling that is designed to fit on a 60mm square box.This also comes with a rubber handle that doesn't come on the standard head. 750kg gross..
Brand: Knott
This is a Knott-Avonride KF13 Braked coupling. This coupling has a working operation between 750kg to1300kg this is designed to be fitted on a Aframe (delta). This coupling has a galvanised pressed body with a 50mm ball head. Compatible with auto reverse brakes...
Universal breakaway cable designed for use on all braked trailers. It is fitted with a snap hook to one end, designed to attach to a fixed point on the towing vehicle and a heavy duty key ring fitting to attach to the trailers handbrake lever.Breakaway cables are a safety critical component as well ..
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